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At Pure Zen Yoga we pride ourselves on our welcoming atmosphere, tight-knit community of great people, variety of classes and quality of instruction.

Tamara MacElwain

Tamara is the founder and owner of Pure Zen Yoga & Wellness. She believes yoga is a vessel to create awareness of one’s self. She encourages tuning in to the thoughts and subtle bodily cues and sensations that surface during postures. She maintains that when you pay close attention, yoga poses have the amazing ability to inform you when you are holding on to stress that doesn’t serve you, where you are carrying tension, or simply where your mind and body are “at” in that particular moment.

The philosophy that Tamara embraces is that every body, mind, and soul is unique. She aspires to teach her students to appreciate their own strengths, and to safely challenge areas needing improvement only when their bodies and minds are ready.

As a 200hr certified and registered yoga instructor, she has taught a variety of fitness and yoga classes to adults and children for 18 years. While she is influenced by many forms of yoga, her trainings from YogaFit in Singapore and from Om Land Yoga in Maine have been mostly within the Vinyasa (Flow) style.  Tamara is also certified in Thai Yoga Massage, and took her trainings in Maine and New Hampshire.  In addition to her love of yoga, Tamara is passionate about the physical, mental, and emotional transformations women go through during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. She is a certified birth doula CD(DONA) and has earned Bachelor degrees in Education and Psychology, and a Masters degree in Infant Psychology and Development.

E-mail: tamara@purezenyoga.com

Jenn Carson

Jenn Carson received her children’s teaching certification from Kripalu in 2008 and her 200-hour adult certification from Amana Institute in 2011. She has done many hours of additional training in Yin, Ashtanga, and primordial sound meditation. She regularly travels the globe teaching yoga and meditation at conferences. She is also a Level 1 Integrated Positional Therapist. An award-winning author and librarian, she researches the effects of physical literacy on personal wellness. You can expect her classes to focus on proprioception (awareness of your body in time and space), interoception (awareness of your internal experience), and not taking ourselves too seriously. Expect to laugh a lot. Jenn’s teaching mantra is to be gentle, patient, and persistent with ourselves.

Erin Behl

Don’t expect to take yoga too seriously when you attend one of Erin’s classes! Erin teaches yoga with a light hearted approach – but don’t expect that to translate into ‘easy’. Yoga should create the ultimate balance between effort and ease – challenging your edge with the intention of growth within all layers of the self. Yoga teaches us so much about life. Our priorities are put into perspective, and the overwhelming sense of bliss and accomplishment that follows a practice is unparallel. Within the last 10 years, Erin has had the pleasure to teach at some of the best gyms and studios around the greater Toronto Area, and train with many amazing teachers. Some notable yogi influencers include but not limited to Natasha Rizopolous, Daniel Lacerda, and JP Tamblyn Sabo, but, equally if not more so, over time your best teachers become your students, friends and ultimately from within. From the beginning student to more advanced practitioner, expect a yoga practice from Erin that offers balance. An opportunity to challenge yourself, and then areas to reflect and soak up your successes. She is a mom to 4 kids and 3 pups and re-located to New Brunswick in 2021 with her family. Erin is very excited to have the opportunity to teach in person again!

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