Flow Yoga
An energizing class in which poses flow through a sequence; movement and breath become one in Flow Yoga. This class offers a balance of strengthening and relaxation, leaving you feeling refreshed. Some experience with yoga is recommended.

Extended Relaxation
This 30-minute class is dedicated to savasana (deep relaxation) and other meditative and postural techniques for deep restoration of mind and body. At only $5 for a drop in fee, this class is a wonderful add-on to your full yoga class, or is simply a gift on its own to end off your day.

Moderate Flow Yoga
A little gentler than Flow Yoga, this class also offers a balance of gentle strengthening during pose sequences with tension release and relaxation. Everyone is welcome.

Lunchtime Yoga
Take a midday vacation! This 45 minute class is a refreshing way to divide up your day and is perfect during your lunch break from work. Return more mentally rested, with more focus and energy. Everyone is welcome.

Warm Flow Yoga
An invigorating vinyasa style class with flowing postures and traditional namaskar (salutations). The breath initiates the movement in this warm class to encourage the flow and deepen muscle movement. Some experience with yoga is recommended for this class. Room is mildly heated.

Hot Yoga
This class takes place in a heated room and is a wonderful class that promotes weight loss, detoxification, stamina, strength, and increased flexibility. A treat in cooler weather, it is recommended for those with some yoga experience, or for those who are fairly fit. Please bring your own mat, large towel, and water bottle to this class.

Extended Hot Yin
This 30-minute class uses the 90 degree heat to take your stretches further and to encourage even more release of tension. Restorative and Yin postures are held longer and the focus is on relaxation. At only $5 for a drop in fee, this class is a wonderful add-on to your full yoga class, or is simply a gift on its own to end off your day.

Hot Yin Yoga
The room is gently heated to a beautiful warm setting. It targets your connective tissues, fascia, ligaments and joints offering benefits of increased flexibility, joint mobility, and bone maintenance and health. It is also a powerful way to release stress from the mind by the deep rooted connection with breath and breath-awareness within the body.

Power Yoga
Building strength and stamina is the focus of this class. Power Yoga is designed to offer additional challenge to those who have been practicing yoga for a while, or for those who consider themselves fit and are looking to boost their strength and flexibility to the next level

Gentle Yoga
Gentle Yoga is a wonderful class for those seeking a slower pace, to be extra gentle with their bodies, or for those facing health concerns. Gentle postures that promote flexibility, mobility, joint function, and modifications for all bodies are emphasized; everyone is welcome.

Yoga for Seniors
An extra gentle yoga class to maintain or improve mobility, flexibility, strength, circulation, and balance. This class makes use of gentle standing and seated postures with chairs, yoga mats, and cushions. This class is perfect for those with joint, muscular, or circulation issues. No yoga experience necessary.

Restorative Yoga
A wonderful treat before bedtime, this class is suitable for everyone. Restorative yoga is an indulgent class in which postures are enhanced with cushions, blankets, and eye pillows to promote sleep and rest.

Thank Goodness it’s Friday! This class is a fantastic way to end off your week. TGIF offers a variety of gentle flow, deep stretches, and relaxation and is suitable for everyone. You will leave feeling refreshed and ready for your weekend.

Yoga for Beginners
Ever wanted to try yoga or has someone recommended it? Then this class is for you. The format and style of a yoga class is introduced, along with basic foundation postures and stretches. Come and see for yourself why yoga is changing people’s lives! Ask about our discounted beginner’s package.

Partner Yoga
Bring a friend, spouse, partner or family member to this playful class.
Partner Yoga is an amazing opportunity to broaden your yoga practice! This form of yoga is based on the foundations of trust, respect, openness, communication, and most of all, fun! Participants will discover how familiar poses can be experienced in a whole new way when done with a partner. Some poses yield passive stretching or massage as your partner pulls your limbs or places pressure on your back. Other poses help release your inhibitions and build strength. Partners are often pleasantly surprised by what they can achieve when they connect in a Partner Yoga class! Everyone is welcome.

Yoga for Teens
A playful class, teens will work on improving strength, muscle tone, balance, posture, and flexibility in this class. Yoga for Teens also offers tools to deal with stress, to develop focus, and to increase self-awareness, confidence, and positive self-esteem.

Prenatal Yoga
During this special stage of life, modifications are provided for all three trimesters. Prenatal Yoga helps you take care of your body safely, as you maintain fitness, relieve discomfort, develop focus and confidence for delivery, and become become better-attuned to your body, breath, and baby. Your doctor’s approval is recommended.

Mom & Baby Yoga
Mom & Baby Yoga enhances attachment, and also allows mothers to connect with other moms. Mothers safely regain physical fitness in this class, with a focus on core strength. Infant’s motor, cognitive, and social skills are enhanced in this class through movement and song. The addition of deep relaxation, breath work, and infant massage, improves sleep and relaxation for both mother and baby. This is a great opportunity to invite wellness in to your lives postpartum! For pre-crawling babies aged 2 months and up.

Contact us for more information, for recommendations on which class is right for you, or for private individual/group classes for adults or children.


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