We welcome you to step into our tranquil space and find your zen... At Pure Zen Yoga & Wellness, (formerly the Heal Thy Self Centre for Yoga & Well Being) Woodstock's largest variety of yoga classes and styles are taught by experienced and certified instructors. We aspire to bring our yoga and wellness classes, workshops, and retreats to every mind and body. Our instructors work with you to provide modification options catering to your fitness and health background.

Pure Zen Yoga & Wellness also offers prenatal and postpartum services, including birth doula support, labour support workshops, as well as prenatal and postpartum yoga.

Whatever your path to wellness is, we invite you to join us as you BREATHE, BALANCE, and RESTORE.

What our clients say:

 Everything about Pure Zen Yoga and Wellness is worth experiencing! The owner, teachers, studio and students are warm, supportive and welcoming. Each session allows for the opportunity to experience a variety of classes. The instructors are friendly, compassionate, engaging and extremely knowledgeable about adapting poses for everyone’s needs. The healing, relaxing and energizing benefits of yoga practice at Pure Zen Yoga and Wellness have provided nourishment for my emotional and physical beings for the past 5 years. I leave the studio each time feeling challenged, stretched, calm and grateful. I’m proud that this yoga studio is in my small town of Woodstock. Namaste.-Gail


"Tam is authentic and open hearted and her classes reflect her heart and soul. They are always exactly what I need!-Sue


Each Warm Flow Yoga class with Bridget has felt like the beginning of a new season…promising something new, breathing fresh air, feeling her musical playlists as she encourages our bodies to strengthen and move.  Unafraid and playful, she and we, try new movements, new sequences – stretching ourselves – often putting new twists on the traditional postures, and then realizing how completely absorbed we have been in our practice. She is an artist and an educator both inside and outside the yoga studio.  We benefit from her spirit, thoughtful energy and integrity.  My personal yoga practice is better because of her classes!-Kathy


“As a beginner to Yoga it can be intimidating to know what to expect. Having Kelly as a teacher made my experience so much better. She was so sweet, kind and always made you feel Comfortable. The first couple classes were all on the sun salutation, and if you couldn’t move a certain way she would always encourage to use props to help yourself. Pure Zen Yoga is so lucky to have such a compassionate instructor.” -Emily


“I have been involved with yoga for many years. I especially like "Pure Zen Yoga." I find the classes challenging and appreciate how Tamara and the other instructors relate the different poses to the benefits for my body. This is very Important for me as I have osteoarthritis and both of my hips have been replaced with artificial prosthetics. I was told by the surgeon to do all in my power to work on my flexibility. The classes at "Pure Zen Yoga" help me attain this goal.” -Richard


“Wednesday and Thursday I spent 12 hours driving and Friday I spent 1 hour with Tamara for a Thai Yoga massage – she put my neck and back where they belong! Thank you Tamara!” -Sara


614 Main Street,
Woodstock, NB. (Newnam & Slipp Building)
Phone: (506) 324-3908

E-Mail: tamara@purezenyoga.com


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