Tamara MacElwain

Tamara is the founder and owner of Pure Zen Yoga & Wellness. She believes yoga is a vessel to create awareness of one’s self. She encourages tuning in to the thoughts and subtle bodily cues and sensations that surface during postures. She maintains that when you pay close attention, yoga poses have the amazing ability to inform you when you are holding on to stress that doesn’t serve you, where you are carrying tension, or simply where your mind and body are “at” in that particular moment.

The philosophy that Tamara embraces is that every body, mind, and soul is unique. She aspires to teach her students to appreciate their own strengths, and to safely challenge areas needing improvement only when their bodies and minds are ready.

As a 200hr certified and registered yoga instructor, she has taught a variety of fitness and yoga classes to adults and children for 14 years. While she is influenced by many forms of yoga, her trainings from YogaFit in Singapore and from Om Land Yoga in Maine have been mostly within the Vinyasa (Flow) style. In addition to her love of yoga, Tamara is passionate about the physical, mental, and emotional transformations women go through during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. She is a certified birth doula CD(DONA) and has earned Bachelor degrees in Education and Psychology, and a Masters degree in Infant Psychology and Development.

E-mail: tamara@purezenyoga.com




Bridget Nugent

Bridget is a 200hr certified Yoga Instructor, and Yoga in Schools Instructor. She has been teaching yoga in New Brunswick for over 2 years to school students and community groups as well. Bridget’s yoga background is one of Ashtanga and Vinyasa Influence, and as a yoga student, Bridget’s passion for yoga ignited through practicing Bikram yoga in Aurora, Illinois. Bridget obtained her Yoga training through Halifax’s Breathing Space Yoga Studio, and has also completed the instructor training for their empowerment through yoga program “Girl on Fire”. Bridget also has Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Education, along with a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership.

Bridget’s favourite aspect of yoga is the opportunity that each practice presents to tune-in to the body, to take time to breathe, and to learn more about one’s true self through each pose. Bridget hopes to provide students in her classes with opportunities to self-explore, push their edge, and feel better everyday through practicing yoga!





Kelly has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. Her love of yoga grew as she used it to manage a healthy work-life balance. Her decision to obtain her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) certification was primarily influenced by her desire to help others discover the benefits of practicing yoga.  She believes yoga is more than just exercise for the body but is a gateway for living well.

Although Kelly's training at OmLand Yoga was primarily in Vinyasa, she practices a variety of styles and is passionate about making yoga accessible to everyone.  As a new teacher, Kelly plans bring a feel-good energy and hopes to create lasting connections with beginner and experienced students alike. 

Kelly's personality comes out in her yoga teaching style. She's enthusiastic, cheerful and loves a good challenge!  A self proclaimed 'foodie', Kelly loves to cook and meal plan. Her downtime also includes playing catch with her dog Moses and binge watching 90's sitcoms. She loves yoga because it makes her feel good and allows her to eat more pasta!



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