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Breathe. Balance. Restore.

Covid-19 Practices:

Pure Zen adheres to government regulations and protocols strictly and we require our clients to do the same for the health and safety of everyone.

Having said that, there are currently no restrictions or class size limits imposed by the government. We will not be limiting class sizes or requiring masks from Summer 2022, unless government restrictions change. Of course, we respect participants’ decisions to continue mask-wearing if they so wish. Instructors will continue to provide physical assists only to those who request it and we will continue to provide hand sanitizer to promote proper hand hygiene.

From 2021 onwards, we ask that students supply their own mats, pair of blocks, yoga strap, and optional blanket, cushion, or bolster.

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If you are a joining us for the first time, please complete the registration form.  Once complete, you can proceed to Our Classes page and select which program you are interested in or one of our “UNLIMITED YOGA” plans.  If a pay option is not available for a class you are interested in, that particular slot may be full.  Please contact us and we’ll add you to a list should any slots become available.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga is a wonderful class for those seeking a slower pace, who need to be extra gentle with their bodies, or for those facing health concerns. Gentle postures that promote flexibility, mobility, joint function, and modifications for all bodies are emphasized; everyone is welcome.

Power Yoga

Building strength and stamina, and advancing your yoga practice

is the focus of this class. Power Yoga is designed to offer additional challenge to those who have been practicing yoga for a while, or for those who consider themselves fit and are looking to boost their strength and flexibility to the next level.

Flow Yoga

An energizing vinyasa class in which poses flow through a sequence; movement and breath become one in Flow Yoga. This class offers a balance of strengthening and relaxation, leaving you feeling refreshed. Some experience with yoga is recommended.

Yin Yoga

Yin targets your connective tissues, fascia, ligaments, and joints offering benefits of increased flexibility, joint mobility, and bone maintenance and health. It is a powerful way to release stress from the mind by the deep rooted connection with breath and breath-awareness within the body.

Restorative Yoga

Take time to restore and balance both mind and body with this indulgent class. Supported by bolsters, blankets, and weighed sandbags, this class is meditative, deeply relaxing, and is suitable for everyone.

Slow Flow Yoga

“A little gentler than Flow Yoga, this class also offers a balance of gentle strengthening during pose sequences with tension release and relaxation. It runs at a slow, relaxed pace. Everyone is welcome.

Hot Yoga

This class takes place in a heated room and is a wonderful class that promotes weight loss, detoxification, stamina, strength, and increased flexibility. A treat in the cooler weather, it is recommended for those with some yoga experience, or for those who are fairly fit. This class is not suitable for pregnant individuals, or those with uncontrolled high blood-pressure. Don’t forget to bring your water bottle and a towel to this class.


What our clients say:

” Erin offers challenging sequences that are skillfully planned to build strength and fully express each pose. Erin designs her classes to meet the needs of her yogis’ abilities and enables development and flexibility in each progression. Erin’s power classes are intense and intentional, while also highly enjoyable. Erin engages her students with sequences that focus on building strength and flexibility; she encourages the yogis to be introspective in their practice while landing deeper in each pose. Erin’s knowledge and experience in yoga provide a welcomed new perspective to yoga in our area. ”


” Everything about Pure Zen Yoga and Wellness is worth experiencing! The owner, teachers, studio and students are warm, supportive and welcoming. Each session allows for the opportunity to experience a variety of classes. The instructors are friendly, compassionate, engaging and extremely knowledgeable about adapting poses for everyone’s needs. The healing, relaxing and energizing benefits of yoga practice at Pure Zen Yoga and Wellness have provided nourishment for my emotional and physical beings for the past 5 years. I leave the studio each time feeling challenged, stretched, calm and grateful. I’m proud that this yoga studio is in my small town of Woodstock.  Namaste.  


“ Jennie’s classes are a wonderful mixture of the physical and spiritual aspects of yogic practice. With her natural calm and pleasant demeanor, she guides you through a smooth flow, with steady breathing techniques, that lead to a deeply satisfying sense of peace and connection. I have been participating in her Monday noon hour session, and it is the perfect way to set the tone for my week “.


Tam is authentic and open hearted and her classes reflect her heart and soul. They are always exactly what I need! ” 


“ Wednesday and Thursday I spent 12 hours driving and Friday I spent 1 hour with Tamara for a Thai Yoga massage – she put my neck and back where they belong! Thank you Tamara! ”